What is Maker-Centered Learning?

The Maker-Centered Learning is a pedagogical approach for thinking and learning centered on making to foster individual and collective agency and empower young people to shape their worlds. After an iterative process of qualitative research and collaborative inquiry, the Agency by Design research team established a framework for Maker-Centered Learning. This framework includes the two core concepts of maker empowerment and sensitivity to design, three teachable maker capacities (looking closely, exploring complexity and finding opportunity) and a host of making moves and indicators that scaffold each capacity.

How many activities are there per kit?

The entire MakersMagic Program is broken down into 4 levels. Every level brings you a combination of 60 lessons spread over a 30-day period. Each lesson has 4 levels of activities. Thus, there are more than 100 activities including 20 online sessions that meets age-appropriate developmental milestones that engages your child in deep thinking routines in fun ways.

Is the program available by subscription only?

No, you can purchase the MakersMagic Program - Level 1 pack independently. The program is divided in four levels for age groups 3 to 4 and 4 to 6. It is recommended though to complete all four levels of the program to achieve age-appropriate learning milestones. Please share your request in case you will be interested in subscribing for all four levels.

What does Level 1 of the program mean?

Each kit uses scaffolding to lift the child's knowledge and skill from known to unknown and simple to complex. The first level begins with the basic knowledge and skills that a child from that age group would have and takes that to achieve higher order thought processes. The other subsequent levels are then built on the preceding level.

Is it important for me to buy all 4 program levels?

Yes, it is recommended. Each level of the MakersMagic Program contains specially curated age-appropriate learning & activities for enabling holistic learning for your child. A complete course of all 4 levels will be instrumental in getting them ready for the next academic year.

How much of the content is online?

Each level of the program will have 20 digital sessions which will be a mix of Physical-Social-Emotional developmental activities like Dance, Stories, Beginners Sport, Music & Craft.

Are all activities online?

No. All activities are offline with tools that grant easy access to digital content for engaging your little one, as well as assist you, if you need to watch the lesson rather than read it.

How will the Digital Delivery of the program work?
How will the parent be able to access it?

Each level of the program is equipped with a Parent Manual which will have the daily lesson plans. The digital integration for the activities is done through links which can be accessed through any smart phone device. Every lesson has a parent assistance digital content for easy access and understanding.

Are ma jority elements used in activities fit for multiple consumptions?


What is the degree of parental supervision required per activity?

There are 3 Learning Blocks in each kit (Maker, Math and Language) and have 10 lessons. Each lesson comes with 4 independent activities:

  • The Introduction
  • The Review
  • The Maker Table
  • The Practice Sheet

The first is high on parent involvement, the second is medium, the third and fourth is low.

What are the key features and key skills acquired?

The MakersMagic Program builds age-appropriate, science, math, language skills along with social, physical and emotional skills by using strategies that encourage close observation, categorisation, contradictions, perspective taking, tinker, hack, envision, revisit, reframe, research, test and create.

How does the product bring them convenience?

The program has lessons that are simple to understand and easy to implement. It relies mostly on the tools that come within the box and parent-child interactions, so that there is no hassle to get appropriate materials. Though the lessons recommend a schedule, there is flexibility to use any time of the day or night to get the activities done.

How is learning made easy and engaging?

This kit uses multiple forms of engagement through materials, medium of instructions and conversations. Multiple forms of activities through demonstrations, discussions and creations and multiple forms of motivation through activity trackers, stickers and surprise gift. These provide variety in treatment and balance in learning by reaching out to all aspects of development in early years.

Why MakersMagic?

MakersMagic Program is inspired from Maker-Centered Learning from Agency by Design, a research initiative at Harvard Graduate School of Education & we are delighted to be introducing this unique pedagogy for the 1st time in India. The Maker Philosophy aligns with the natural learning instinct of the child. i.e. touching, tinkering and creating within their own environment.

What's included in each kit?

  • Learning Tools:
    • - The Maker Bag
    • The Language Bag
    • The Math Bag
    • The Art Bag
    • Children Reinforcement Bag with Reward Sheet/Badge/Gift
  • Reading Book
  • The Workbook
  • Digital Learning Modules
  • Assessment Tools
  • Parent Resource

For what age groups is the MakersMagic available?

The MakersMagic Program is available for 2 age groups X 4 levels. Currently we have Level 1 for each age group available to buy:

  • The Beginners Program for Age Group 3 to 4 | Buy here
  • The School Readiness Program for Age Group 4 to 6 | Buy here

How does MakersMagic help my child?

With MakersMagic, your child will learn to think divergently and solve problems by connecting seemingly disconnected ideas. They learn to take creative risks and try new things. They learn to embrace iterative thinking as they move through the creative process. In the process, they experience failure and develop a growth mindset. They become systematic thinkers who can navigate complexity.

What is the cost of the kit?

The MakersMagic Program Level 1 is being offered to you at an introductory price of 1,499 for limited period. The product MRP is ` 2,250. This product will also be sold as a 4-month based subscription in future. This will include 1 kit being made available to the parent at their doorstep every month.

What if my child is unable to do the activities?

This is not unusual - and the kit is designed to account for it. If your child is unable to perform the activity, take a break, and try repeating it in a day or two. Each of the lessons in science, math and language have four levels of activities and each level uses a different strategy. Through this program there will be clarity in what strategy works best for your child. Repeat the activity through this strategy and the child will grasp the concept.

Is shipping free?

Yes, for more information. Please visit our Amazon Brand Store: Amazon Store.

Can I return an opened kit?


What type of payment do you accept?

The product needs to be bought from our Amazon Store. All the payment options as available on Amazon Store are accepted.

How do I give feedback and how do I get in touch with Customer Care?

To leave back your feedback/reviews about your experience and the product, do write to us on feedback@makersmagic.com. To get in touch with our customer support team for any issues with the product, do write to us at customercare@makersmagic.com or call us on 1800 209 5656.